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Agathos Consultants deliver bespoke strategic development services, with a focus on business transformation, cultural change, corporate governance, standards compliance and streamlined and empowered management via executive and team coaching. 

Offering a range of services that aims to enhance operational excellence, productivity, ranging from end-to-end business process review, competency improvement and where necessary fully managed organisational restructure programmes


Creating outstanding experiences, while developing people, enriching the lives of workforces, employing process driven strategies to foster corporate values and operational excellence. To maximise shareholder returns to the benefit of all.


Agathos – describes that which, being "good" in its character or constitution, is beneficial in its effect to others.

Meet Our Team

Agathos Consultants consists of experienced and talented individuals...

Desmond Alphonsus - Founder and Senior Consultant

My Story

An outstanding performer, a Subject Matter Expert, and a great team player, Desmond has excelled in the automotive business for over 40 years. He has been blessed to have worked for some major names in the automotive industry, mostly ‘luxury, premium’ car manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge.

During this 40-year period, Desmond has had valuable retail experience for over fifteen plus years with Japanese, German, and US brands. Working and interacting with UK, US, and Middle East & North Africa markets, in various capacities for both manufacturers and retail dealership, has given Desmond rich experience in all areas of operation at a dealership. Desmond’s experience, including but not limited to, fixed and variable operations, makes him an expert in Sales, After sales, and Network/Business Development Operations.

Highlights of Desmond’s career reveal how instrumental he was in developing, piloting, and rolling-out numerous MENA wide initiatives in various roles with various premium automotive manufacturers, such as Jaguar Land Rover. These initiatives helped not only develop the importers and contributed to turn around the JLR business in MENA region, but also making the region the best and making it a global benchmark to follow.
Desmond has many successes to his credit, most recent being, leading the JLR Academy in MENA as the number one JLR Academy worldwide for three consecutive years. Overall, his competitive edge has been having gained the utmost trust of all importers, dealers, and colleagues alike.

His expertise is in looking at any business, seeing where it is losing revenue, uncovering potential profit centres, identifying systems that need to be added or fixed, and helping turn businesses into a profit-making machine, with a mission to help business managers to avoid situations of them being shackled to the operation of their business day and night and focusing on setting up processes that lead to delivering purposeful real-time data.

Desmond has an unparalleled passion, an unwavering will, and a unique way to turn any potentials and opportunities into an outstanding business while focusing on the human aspect first and foremost.

NASH Chartered Associates

NASH Chartered is not your traditional consulting and accounting firm. We are a team of qualified professionals providing services through a dual approach of online/virtual collaborations and in person assignments, making the most of the current technologies and our expertise to help you succeed.

We are a young team having entrepreneurial and corporate experience which helps us to operate as a startup and achieve goals as a corporate. NASH has a result-oriented mindset, providing practical advice and is solely focused on helping you succeed by providing services like accounting advisory, business process management, risk management and tax consultancy

Services Offered:

  • Accounting Advisory – accounting and bookkeeping, online/ cloud accounting, financial reporting, asset management and verification, accounting outsourced services.
  • Business Process Management – process re-engineering, process reviews, gap analysis, process implementation, process optimization, process automation.
  • Risk Management – risk identification, risk mapping, risk assessment and evaluation, risk remediation.
  • Tax Consultancy – VAT registration, VAT returns, VAT compliance, end to end VAT services.
Nora Prajval Veigas - CA at NASH

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