Transforming your business performance

Providing strategic management solutions – Leveraging our extensive experience and utilising bespoke business solutions:

We assist companies:
Improve Compliance – Increase Sales – Improve After-sales productivity, efficiency, and customer loyalty – Increased Profitability

We help uncover the potential of your business, offer strategic analysis & develop goals with a focus on robust ROI

Our vast experience and knowledge of the market assists us when evaluating your current situation, unlocking profit opportunities, identifying compliance challenges, highlighting target market demographics and designing appropriate retention strategies. In addition, we focus on areas like network development, staff training, customer satisfaction, contact centre implementation/efficiency, and the delivery of marketing initiatives to drive growth and profits.

Let's work together to achieve excellence, through teams that are empowered to achieve, constantly innovating, and improving, striving for operational excellence, all this while having the customer's needs at the centre of it all.

Our Expertise

  • Building a culture of Compliance
  • Compliance Management
  • Lines of defense in place:
    • Employees understand their roles and responsibilities
    • Compliance Champion in place and empowered
  • Compliance in eyes of the customer
  • Securing your Business from heavy losses in penalties and fines
Business Strategy
  • Market intelligence, and analysis
  • Product Evaluation & Volume Planning
  • Define and Measure. Strategic & Financial objectives
  • KPI’s Review
  • Pay Plan Design
Process Improvement
  • Assessment of processes against a full range of business standards and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Sales Process (incl. F&I & Used Car)
  • After-sales Process
  • Brand (product, marketing, PR)
  • Management
  • HR & IT (DMS)
  • Accounting Process
Training & Coaching
  • Management & Team Coaching
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • After Sales (technical & non-technical) Training
  • Objective setting Workshops
  • Curriculum Development
Experiential Events
  • Brand Experiences and Immersions
  • Team Building Events
  • VIP & Corporate Luxury Hospitality
  • Vehicle Management and Logistics
  • Incentive (motivational expereiences)
  • Overall Management & Logistics (venue selection & set-up, catering, customer journey & registration, onsite administration)
Product Launches
  • Hard & Soft Launch
  • Generating excitement and interest
  • Venue, Overall Management & Logistics
  • Display Management (designing, build and logistics)

Our Services

We offer strategic consultancy solutions

Automotive Consultancy Services

How do we operate? Our consultants are problem solvers, specialising in reviewing the actual application of  business standards, processes, and practices that make a significant impact on the business by spotting disturbing trends to determine how they effect performances in sales, after sales, CRM, employee competency and business development that ultimately results in revenue losses. We can recommend and move into action to create and offer well-formulated business strategies, that will help avoid crippling financial losses via penalties and revenue loss.

Dealer Performance Improvement (DPI)

The focus will be on ‘Dealer Performance Improvement’ (DPI). Across all functions we assess your processes against a full range of business standards and key performance indicators (KPIs), be it in management, finance, sales, product portfolio, customer service (after sales), business development and marketing. We leave no stone unturned, and we’ll even look at the dealership through the eyes of a customer, the ultimate benchmark.

Experiential Marketing & Product Launches
Our team of consultants specialise in creation, organisation, and hosting of corporate and individual special events. We bring together a team of experienced professionals. Our work reflects the client’s image and is tailored to their needs, whether it be special events, experiences, or meetings, whatever the size or number of participants. Including venue selection, set up, hospitality, catering, people, and equipment logistics, we can help determine appropriate budgets and fully manage your events. Through close collaboration with clients, our professional, experienced team of specialists will bring a fresh approach to create a strategic plan, develop content, and deliver an impressive event for your success.